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A Wonderful appliqued design with a wide strip tail that give this kite great stability.
Dragon kites are long with the body acting like a tail that helps give the kite lift as well as stability.
It flys in Light(ish), Medium and Fresh winds and had a mid to high aspect……it will fly from the horizon to over your head.

Kite Type:

Dragon Kites are very easy to fly but they don’t like light winds. Because of their stability, they are good ‘running kites’ ….you should not need to run to fly your kite but kids always want to do it anyhow !!! The long, wide tail helps to provide lift (because of it’s width) as well as stability (because of it’s length). This is beautifully appliqued and really looks fantastic in flight… also makes a great wall decoration when there’s no wind to go flying


  • Winds: Medium to Fresh
  • Ages: 4 years and Up
  • Size: 1.8 metres wide


  • Appliqued Ripstop Sail
  • Solid Fibreglass frame
  • 25kg Line on Winder


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