Pacsafe RFIDtec 150 RFID-Blocking Organiser


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The RFIDtec 150 can hold, organise and protect all your key travel documents from opportunistic RFID thieves. With several credit card slots, zippered pockets and passport slot , you’ll have everything where you need it, when you need it. Say goodbye to fumbling around at customs!

Many modern passports and credit cards contain RFID chips containing sensitive personal information. To protect you from unwanted people getting access to this data, Pacsafe’s RFID blocking accessories are designed with state-of-the-art material which blocks out transmissions and stops personal information from being accessed by identity thieves.

RFIDsafe Blocking Pockets & Material– Most passports, credit cards and ID cards now contain a RFID micro-chip. This chip contains all your personal, sensitive information. Identity thieves are able to access this information from up to 10ft away with the help of an RFID reader. Our award-winning RFIDsafe™ blocking material prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands by blocking out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz – 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards / smart cards, and key cards.

Additional Features:

  • Transparent passport slot
  • Zippered pocket for cash
  • Slip-in pocket for cash
  • 7 credit card slots
  • Outer zippered coin pocket
  • Protects personal data on passports and credit cards


  • Materials: nylon 210D dobby and nylon 70D TAFFETA
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.5 x 16.5 x 1.5 cm / 4.5 x 6.5 x 0.6 in
  • Weight: 80 g / 2.8 oz
  • Blocks radio frequencies: 10 MHz – 3 GHz

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