How many canisters do I need for my stove

It varies a lot between hikers. Some people are 4 cup a day regular hot drinkers. Unbelievably, there are also hikers who don’t drink tea or coffee at all! Some people prefer to cook on their [...]

Friends of the Larapinta Trail

Friends of the Larapinta Trail (FOLT) is a not-for-profit community group that helps to promote community awareness and involvement in the maintaining the Trail’s 223km. The group works closely [...]

The Larapinta Trail, an introduction

The Larapinta Trail extends over 223 kilometres west from Alice Springs along the West MacDonnell Ranges finishing on the summit of spectacular Mount Sonder. It lies almost entirely within the [...]


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Lone Dingo Membership

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Larapinta Trail FAQ

Each year at Lone Dingo we receive countless enquiries about walking the Larapinta Trail, mostly gear related but also about all other aspects of walking the trail.   We address some of the [...]

Hygiene on the Trail

From time to time dysentery exposes itself as common ailment among Larapinta Trail walkers.  A couple of years ago dysentery was particularly rife at the height of the walking season to the point [...]

Watch out for the Spinifex!

If you are walking in the central ranges you will quickly become acquainted with spinifex; from afar it can look soft and lush,  when it flowers it can look like a field of wheat.  Up close, it’s [...]

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