Before people visit Alice Springs they have an image in their mind of dry, dusty desert plains; hardly the stuff of your bushwalking dreams. It’s true there are plenty of dry dusty plains in inland Australia, but for hundreds of kilometers to the east and west of Alice Springs extend the central ranges. Collectively several range sequences are referred to as the MacDonnell Ranges, they are impressive geological structures, stripped bare by a millennia of erosion and lacking the lush vegetation found in wetter regions these ranges seem to erupt from the surrounding plain. The ranges present opportunities for remote walking experiences you will find difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world.

No surprise then that Alice Springs hosts a very active and well patronised bush walking club: Central Australian Bushwalkers.

Central Australian Bushwalkers have a very full walks calender that includes bushwalks of varying difficulty. Walks are lead by experienced club members who depending on the circumstances carry a first aid kit, Satphone, PLB and other emergency equipment. Visitors a are welcomed on these walks. For the walks schedule and more information visit their website.