Larapinta Trail FAQ

Each year at Lone Dingo we receive countless enquiries about walking the Larapinta Trail, mostly gear related but also about all other aspects of walking the trail. Below we address some of the [...]

New Larapinta Trail Fees for 2022

A new multi-day walking fee will be introduced to the Larapinta Trail (and all extended trails in the Northern Territory) from 1 March 2022. The fees are applicable to both adults and children.  [...]

What is The Larapinta Trail?

The Larapinta Trail extends over 223 kilometres west from Alice Springs along the West MacDonnell Ranges finishing on the summit of spectacular Mount Sonder. It lies almost entirely within the [...]

Watch out for the spinifex!

If you are walking in the central ranges you will quickly become acquainted with spinifex; from afar it can look soft and lush,  when it flowers it can look like a field of wheat.  Up close, it’s [...]