“…as lifelong endurance athletes with decades of combined shoe industry experience, we felt that none of the global brands had nailed the perfect combination of fit, cushion, grip, weight, breathability and material innovation. So we got to work”.

What sets Norda apart?

NO SEAMS. Norda™️ 001 upper is seamless, enhancing comfort & durability.

DYNEEMA CONSTRUCTION. Norda™️ 001 upper is constructed with Dyneema®. Bio-based Dyneema Fibre® is the world’s strongest and lightest fibre™️. The norda™️ 001 is the first of its kind to use Dyneema® in this way, ensuring the shoe is not only ultra-light but strong enough to survive any trail. Again and again.

LOW CO2 EMISSIONS. Of all the high-performance fibres, Dyneema® delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength. 75% of the energy used to manufacture Dyneema Fibre® comes from renewable energy sources saving C02 emissions.

VIBRAM COLLABORATION OUTSOLE. Norda™️ has collaborated with iconic sole-manufacturer Vibram® to create the ultimate high performance trail-running platform. 

SOLEPLATE EQUIPPED. The soleplate is engineered with Vibram® Litebase® technology to conserve energy and enhance your performance with a 30% reduction in overall sole weight.

UNRIVALLED GRIP. The Vibram® Mega Grip® rubber delivers superior durability, traction and the strongest possible grip on both wet and dry surfaces.