Larapinta Trail Fees

A multi-day walking fee applies to the Larapinta Trail (and all extended trails in the Northern Territory). The fees are applicable to both adults and children.  A breakdown of the fees is as follows:

  • $25 per person per night overnight walk fee, up to a maximum of $125 per person (i.e after 5 nights the fee does not increase)
  • $4 per person per night camping fee. Please note these fees only apply to NT Parks and Wildlife campsites. Private operators such as Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen Homestead set their own fees.

This means the cost per person to walk the Larapinta Trail end to end will cost $125 plus $4 for each night camped at NT Parks campsites.

Fees will are payable via an online booking system .  Once booked in you are required to print the permit and carry it with you on your walk.  The booking system will limit the amount of permits that will be issued.

These fees provide NT Parks and Wildlife with the funding for upkeep of the Larapinta Trail.