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FreshWater Go Straw


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Ever worried about getting access to clean safe drinking water when travelling? What would happen if your drinking water at home became contaminated?  Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Would you like to have an insurance policy to protect your health?

The Go-Straw is perfect for any situation where you need pure, safe drinking water.

The Go-Straw filter and purifier will remove viruses and bacteria, as well as chemicals, heavy metals and tastes and odours from any water source.

It has been developed over many years, and stringently independently tested. It has won many certifications including the Certificate of Water Quality Association Gold Seal, Approval by the US Environmental Protection Authority to name just a few.

The Go-Straw is compact and pocket-sized able to fit easily into a handbag, backpack or first aid kit. We have kept our prices low to make it easily affordable – so you can have a straw for every member of your family in all situations.

removes 99.99% of bacteria, virus and chemicals from the water

RELIABLE – Purifies & filters water to international standards.
SIMPLE TO USE – use as you would any other straw
LONG LASTING – filters up to 200 litres or around 100 days constant use
BPA Free – environmentally friendly


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