Nikwax Down Wash 300ml


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Down is an amazing natural fiber that has an unbeatable warmth to weight ratio. It’s compressible, resilient and very long lasting if properly maintained. The major drawback of using down-filled clothing is it’s inability to retain loft and insulate when wet. To optimize the performance of your down-filled garments: 1) clean it regularly and, 2) add the appropriate Nikwax water-repellent finish. When machine washing always use a front load machine-top loading agitator machines can damage the garment.

Dirt and body oils will contaminate the down causing it to clump together and loose loft. Dirt also attracts water and reduces the beading-up of droplets on the fabric’s surface. Wash the garment in Nikwax Down Wash non-detergent soap. Detergents can leave water-attractive residues that will not rinse out. They also contain agents that can wash away the natural oils of the down.

*Never use liquid detergents or fabric softeners*


• Restores the loft and natural water-repellency of down garments, sleeping bags and comforters

• Effectively cleans heavily soiled down-filled equipment

• Non-detergent and bio-degradable

• Can be applied directly to remove grease spots or stains



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