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Grayl Geopress Replacement Purifier Cartridge


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Replacement purifier cartridges for the GEOPRESS are designed to last 350 cycles (250L). Lifespan will decline when purifying water with high levels of silt, sediment or tannins. Cartridge press time increases towards the end of the cartridge lifespan; when press time reaches 25-30 seconds, the cartridge should be replaced. Cartridge continues to protect, even as press time increases.

  • Removes waterborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts), including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery and more
  • Filters: particulates (sediment, microplastics) and many chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals
    Improves taste, smell and clarity

Active Technology: Ion exchange, ultra-powdered activated carbon.

Antimicrobial: Yes Chemical-free: Yes

Dimensions (cm): 7.3 x 7.8 cm

Weight (g):  108

Lifespan: 350 presses (250L)

Shelf Life: Stored under proper conditions, an unopened Purifier Cartridge has a shelf life of 10 years. After a cartridge has been used, it lasts at least 3 years.


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