Mont Helium 680 -6°C to -12°C


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The Helium 680 is an ultralight sleeping bag designed for minimum weight (1099g!) & maximum warmth, while maintaining versatility.  This is achieved through use of high quality down fill (800+ loft white down ), ultralight shell (10 by 10 denier, 520 thread count Nylon weighing only 26g/m2), & tapered rectangle design.  Versatility is maintained through use of dual zippers & tapered rectangle rather than full mummy shape.

DWR Loft treatment adds greater resilience, higher loft and better warmth in damp conditions.

Central Desert Winters?  Yes!


• New baffle system with vertical and horizontal baffles for optimal down distribution, loft height and warmth

• Nylon 210 denier laminated anti-snag tape runs along zip

• Mummy shape with wide foot section and a contoured hood

• Sewn with hydrophobic Epic thread to prevent moisture from wicking along seams


Design: Mummy shape with boxfoot construction

Zips: Full length, 2-way, separate foot zip, YKK

Fill Type: Down

Fill Specifications: min. 800+ loft, DWR 

Shell Fabric: 520 thread count, 10 by 10 denier ultralight Nylon (26g/m2)

(degrees C): -6 -12 NS
Fill weight (g): 680 780  
Total Weight(g): 1099 1240  
Length (user height cm): 185 200  
Width (cm): 80 85  
Packed Size (cm): 16 X 33 16 X 33
EN13537 (European sleeping bag temperature rating)
COMFORT: Temp. at which a woman can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position
LOWER LIMIT: Temp. at which a man can sleep for eight hours in a curled position without waking
EXTREME: This is a survival only rating for a standard woman


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