Rock Climbing in Central Australia

There are some fantastic crags close to Alice Springs & usually a small but enthusiastic group of climbers exploring them.  Part of the attraction is the remote and spectacular environments in which many of the crags lie.  Climbing in Central Australia however, is not a well developed pursuit.  There is a current facebook page where local climbers communicate so if you are keen to get involved take a look.

For a relatively unexplored and little climbed area, there are a couple of very good guides.

Go to for some great introductory information.

Want more, see Rock Climbing in Central Australia (Seewraj,2005), a published guide book to Central Australia.  This 160 page A5 book has been written and updated over the last four years by local climbers and is packed with local knowledge and information, listing over 450 climbs.

Indoor Rock Climbing

The YMCA of Central Australia features an indoor rock climbing wall with nine ropes.   All levels are welcome, ages 5 and up!  Three sessions per week:

Wednesdays, and Thursdays

The YMCA is located on Sadadeen Road PH: 08 8952 5666