Adventure Motorcycling

Outdoor adventure comes in all shapes and forms and adventure motorcycling is big in the center. Of course it would be, the red centre of Australia is oceans of outback emptiness with winding [...]

Trail Running

The trails around Alice are endless and endlessly diverse. Pretty much all single track, you may be working up a steep rocky incline or down technical terrain, enjoying long, flowy sections [...]

Rock Climbing

There are some fantastic crags close to Alice Springs & usually a small but enthusiastic group of climbers exploring them. Part of the attraction is the remote and spectacular environments in [...]

Paddling & Canoe Polo

Paddling is on every outdoor persons list of things to do and just because we live in the desert doesn’t mean it’s not an option. For starters there is a flourishing Canoe Polo [...]

Mountain Biking & Cycling

Alice Springs has a vibrant & burgeoning Mountain Bike Scene, locals have been enjoying it since the early history of Mountain Biking in Australia and today it is rapidly establishing itself [...]


Before people visit Alice Springs they have an image in their mind of dry, dusty desert plains; hardly the stuff of your bushwalking dreams. It’s true there are plenty of dry dusty plains in [...]

Larapinta Trail FAQ

Each year at Lone Dingo we receive countless enquiries about walking the Larapinta Trail, mostly gear related but also about all other aspects of walking the trail. Below we address some of the [...]

New Larapinta Trail Fees for 2022

A new multi-day walking fee will be introduced to the Larapinta Trail (and all extended trails in the Northern Territory) from 1 March 2022. The fees are applicable to both adults and children.  [...]